Cold Weather Scents To Kick Off The New Year


As the thermometer continues to drop and we head into the heart of winter it’s the perfect time to add some new fragrances into the rotation.  The three outlined here are all great options for cold weather days and will be sure to help you stand out in a sea of more commonplace scents! Scents don’t know a gender, even those designated “Pour Homme,” so, all of these are appropriate for men and women alike; wear what smells good to you!  And for a quick primer on all things scents check out Fragrance 101!

Gravitas Pour Homme Eau de Parfum ($120 US, 100ml), by Naughton & Wilson

Launched in 2020 by Dan Naughton (Mr. Smelly on YouTube) and Scottish entrepreneur Matt Wilson of Pocket Scents, Gravitas Pour Homme is a classic fougere scent updated with a modern twist.  The scent was formulated by English perfumer John Stephen and has all of the hallmarks of a traditional English gentleman’s fragrance, but would also be appropriate for women who prefer their scents in the vein of Polo Green as opposed to overly sweet .

The scent is in the realm of a “barbershop” fragrance, but it avoids being  powdery or too floral (I’m looking at you Floris No. 89).  Cardamon and citrus combine with just a slightest hint of lavender making this an exquisite fragrance for a winter’s evening out.

Hwyl Eau de Parfum ($135, 50ml), by Aesop

A woody scent with notes of incense and amber, Hwyl (pronounced “who-will”) is a fragrance designed to transport the wearer to quiet calm of a Japanese Hinoki forest.  Hwyl has a wonderful dry wood quality (almost like the smell of a walk-in, cedar, humidor) combined with frankincense to create a scent that is extremely well suited for days, and evenings, curled up with a brandy by the fire.

Hywl truly lasts all day on me and I’m able to smell its remnants ten or more hours later.  A wonderful choice for those seeking a woody fragrance that few others will be wearing.

Patchouli 24 Eau de Parfum ($165, 10ml), by Le Labo 

Smoke in a bottle; in the best possible way. Patchouli 24 is what a vintage Islay whisky is to Scotch: earthy, smokey, and peaty with a smooth finish.  I was impressed by the different notes that revealed themselves over the course of the day; the smokey opening transitioned to a not-too-sweet vanilla dry down hitting leather and incense notes along the way.  Another excellent scent that perfectly complements the chilly, mid-winter weather.

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