Five Scents For Fall

As the weather turns cooler, it’s time to put the bright, citrus scents of spring and summer down for a long winter’s nap and add some heavier, more robust fragrances into your rotation.  The scents outlined below eschew the lighter scents of warmer weather in favor of substantial scents that can stand up to a brisk fall evening and the coldest winter chill. Here’s a video of me and Peter Brooker (From Tailors With Love) discussing my five scents for fall.  If you’re interested a quick overview of scent terms check out our Fragrance 101 article.


Fall scent 1 – Le Labo – Tabac 28 – City Collection, Miami –  Eau de Parfum

15ML – $128, 50ML – $310, 100ML $475, 500ML $1,760

This is one of my favorite new scents.  This is a very boozy, smokey scent, that smells like having a good single malt and cigar around a campfire.  


Fall scent 2 – Maison Margiela (MAR-ZHELA) – Replica – Jazz Club – Eau de Toilette

10 ML – $28, 100ML –  $126

Jazz Club is the sweetest of the five I’ve highlighted here.  There’s tobacco and wood notes for sure, but I also find a healthy dose of vanilla as well.  Sweet, but not cloying.


Fall scent 3 – Louis Vuitton – Ombre Nomade – Eau de Parfum


Ombre Nomade is Louis Vuitton’s first oud scent and it’s a great woody scent with a hint a rose.


Fall scent 4 – Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather – Eau de Parfum

50 ML – $240, 100ML – $325, 250ML $615

Probably my all time favorite scent!  Great leather scent with a notes of raspberry, jasmine, and black suede. 


Final scent  – L’OCCITANE (LOX-EE-TAHN) –  Eau de Baux – Eau de Toilette

100 ML – $59

A wonderful scent at a great price!  Featuring notes of cedar, cypress, vanilla Eau de Baux keeps up with scents costing four times as much.  If you like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille but don’t want to shell out $240, this gets you into the ballpark without breaking the bank.


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