Benjos Colored Dress Shoe Laces

Colored laces are an inexpensive way to add a subtle bit of color to any outfit. Benjos has some outstanding color options and are an affordable way to change up the look of your favorite dress shoes.

Benjos was founded by Ben Hertz in 2011 after breaking a shoelace while traveling in Italy. He opted for a very Italian shade of red laces (available today as Rosso Scudiera) to replace his broken, standard laces. Upon returning home to The States he noticed the lack of colored lace options and thus Benjos was born.

I’ve been a fan of Benjos’ for many years and consistently get compliments on my colored laces. Some of my favorite combinations are below if you’re looking for some inspiration to stand out in a sea of black and brown laces.


Allen Edmonds Carlyle, Dark Chili, Monster’s Spit Benjos Laces
Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue, Dark Brown, Much Brighter Benjos Laces
Allen Edmonds Strand, Oxblood, Paul’s Loft Benjos Laces
Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill, Brown Chromexcel, N.B. Greenberg Benjos Laces

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