Tom Ford: Another Fabulous Scent

Launched in September 2017 as a limited edition and now available in a wider, albeit still limited, release as part of Tom Ford’s ever growing Private Blend collection of fragrances, Fucking Fabulous is not a scent without controversy.  While the name certainly raises eyebrows (or makes eyes roll) it’s a scent that’s worth checking out.

My wife and I are both fans of many of Tom Ford’s other scents such as: Tobacco Vanille, Ombre Leather 16, Tuscan Leather, and Oud Wood and we tend to purchase fragrances that we can both wear.  Fucking Fabulous is a unisex scent that I absolutely recommend giving a try if your nose gravitates towards darker scents.  It’s an fragrance option heading into the fall and winter seasons.

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous
Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

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